Adjustable Brass wrap ring - Witchlight

Adjustable Brass wrap ring - Witchlight


This handforged solid brass wrap ring features the word "Witchlight", which has been handstamped using individual letter stamps.


It is the perfect gift for a strong & spiritual person.


Often, the word witch is misused or misunderstood and unhelpful negative connotations ascribed to the moniker.  Embracing and retaking ownership of words used negatively can be a powerful experience, whether you are a practising wiccan / pagan or simply someone who wishes to embrace a more positive and uplifting use of the words surrounding witchcraft, paganism and wiccan practise.


The word witchlight has appeared in several fiction writings and is defined either as an object or stone that emits magical light or as an ability to cast light or a feeling of inner illumination.  Either way, it is a rather lovely notion, in my opinion.


Each ring is made using traditional metalsmithing techniques and is available in either small, medium or large sizes.  Please state size required when ordering.  If you are unsure of the ring size needed, please take a look at my blog here, which gives some useful information on ring sizing.

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