Mindfulness bracelet

Mindfulness bracelet

Handstamped Aluminium and soft elastic mindfulness bracelet.

After trying to find ways to support my daughter with anxiety and frustration, wearing an elastic band on the wrist to "twang" or snap as a diversionary activity to focus her whilst repeating a word or phrase was suggested. I realised I had the perfect elements to make her something a little more intentional and explicit to help and this wristband was the result. 

Handstamped with your choice of calming or grounding word and / image, the small aluminium tag acts as a focal point in times of stress, anger or anxiety.  

For us, "be calm" was the right choice. Other mantra type words such as "breathe", "believe", "strong" or even something as simple as "mummy" or "loved" may be enough to reassure your little one they are not alone, even when they are away from home.  

The hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant tag is simply strung on very soft, high quality elastic in a choice of colours. It will be supplied loosely knotted to allow individual adjustment on receipt.

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