Confessions of a web design noob

Have you noticed that I am struggling with updating the website? Fingers crossed you haven't, but if you have, please forgive me. I'm reasonably tech savvy, but this is still a challenge for me. I have made the decision to try to manage the design of my website, in part, because I want to be on top of all elements of my business, but also, because I think it is always good to develop new skills. If you do spot any glaring errors (I'm quite sure there are a number of typos) please do let me know. I used to be a teacher, but I promise I will take the internet equivalent of red pen corrections in good spirits ;)

I am hoping that I will be able to add a shop facility to my website in the near future. This will be a really positive step. It will mean that in future, instead of having to direct you to my Etsy shop to make purchases, you will be able to make them directly here, on my website, which should make everything easier for both you and for me. If anyone has any thoughts about that step, again, I would be really glad to have your feedback.


Sterling Silver & Iolite Oak Leaf Ring

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