Resurrecting the blog

Hi all :)

When I first started metalsmithing with any sort of seriousness I started a blog. I posted relatively frequently, documenting the creative journey that I had started with a 'Silver Ring in a Day' course given to me for my birthday by my husband in November 2013. I posted pictures, I shared some of my thoughts about my then career as a secondary school teacher and the thoughts I had started to have about changing direction. Then I got busy! I swapped my blog for this website and began posting my makes and anecdotes on my Facebook business page instead and my initial blog sat idle: suspended in the internet's no-man's land. As it stands, it has been two years since I 'blogged' in the traditional sense of the word (?? Have we moved sufficiently forward in the modern media age for that to be possible??!! I feel old) and my blog is sort of there, but sort of not as noone can see it but me. I may yet rectify that.

This evening, reading a social media post from one of my suppliers about the blogosphere, I felt inspired to resurrect the more traditional blog via this, my current website. Please don't get worried! I am not planning on deluging unwary visitors to my site with prolonged meanderings in silversmithing. I'm not that organised! Occasional and haphazard, I shall attempt to create some sort of record of my antics.

I am largely self taught and have spent a great deal of time experimenting and trying out new techniques. I have an unhealthily large collection of tools for someone who has only been doing this for 4 years and I am definitely a dabbler. I justify it by the notion that I have not had the opportunity to enjoy the experience and direction offered by a formal undergraduate degree, though I suspect that in many ways I have a greater degree of freedom to try new things away from the restrictions of a formal curriculum. The upshot is that I want to try to create some sort of record of my learning curve. The successes and the failures, the mashed and melted metal along the way...

Now watch it be another two years before I update this page again!


#silver #blog #new #freshstart

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