What size bangle do I need?

Much like my previous post about ring sizing, this post is intended to offer some useful information for those of you who want to buy a bangle.

Just like fingers, hands and wrists vary in size and it is important, when buying a bangle or bracelet to get the right size, both for comfort and for ensuring that your bangle doesn't fly off every 5 minutes, if like me and the French (sorry for the stereotyping to my Francophone friends!), you are incapable of having a conversation without also using your hands to emphasise your speech!

I generally make my bangles in three sizes: small, medium and large. That doesn't really mean a great deal if I don't give you any measurements though, so here you go:

Small - 60mm inside diameter

Medium - 65mm inside diameter

Large - 70mm inside diameter

These sizes are a good average range for most women's wrists, but of course, there will inevitably be some people who fall either side of this selection. When you wear a bangle, you should aim to have it fit snugly - with a slight squeeze over your knuckles, so that when it is on the wrist it falls comfortably below your wrist bone, but not too far down the length of your hand. This ensures that it: a. Doesn't fly off if you wave your hands around too vigorously; and b, that it is comfortable to wear and doesn't interfere with any manual tasks that you may need to do. My own bangle is well sized and I never take it off, because it is completely comfortable to wear.

If you are unsure of which size would suit you best, there are a couple of different options available to you.

First, and always the preferred option, is to get your wrist size measured by the jeweller who will be making your bangle. I have a comprehensive set of sizing bangles and it is a quick and simple task to try the various sizing bangles on until you find the one that suits you best. As a next best, where distance precludes this, is visiting your nearest amenable jeweller and asking them to do the measuring for you.

Second, where you are unable to visit a jeweller in person, is to measure your own hand. This is a relatively simple process, but needs you to be careful to ensure you are measuring at the correct point. Rather than the wrist, you need to measure the distance between your index finger knuckle and your little finger knuckle. To get an accurate measurement, follow these steps:

- tuck your thumb against your palm as closely as you are able to

(imagine you are sliding your hand into a bangle for the right sort of


- whilst maintaining the position, use a ruler with millimetre

measurements to measure from the centre point of your index knuckle

to the centre of your little finger knuckle. This measurement

corresponds to the size of bangle that you will need.

I hope you find this post helpful and that it helps you to make an informed choice when ordering bangles.


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